Fraud Protection

Fidelity Payment offers Industry leading fraud prevention tools to keep your business and customers safe.

Anti-Fraud Features:

Working with our partner Sagepay we provide: 

  • Set up of additional fraud prevention rules when you sign up 
  • Customisable rules for AVS (address verification) and CV2 (3 digit security credit card code) checks
  • 3D Secure authentication (with Visa and MasterCard) with liability shifts
  • American Express SafeKey

Bespoke Fraud Screening Services:

We provide advanced solutions through specialist fraud prevention providers including ReD, Kount and ACI, with features tailored to your business needs including:

  • Screening against ReD’s global database of 100 million entries
  • Access to ReD’s 'CSI' reporting web tool on potentially fraudulent transactions
  • Quarterly reviews of your fraud screening rules

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