AIBMS Insight

Fidelity Payment partners with AIB to offer merchants exclusive rates. Our Insight reporting tool, through AIB, is an online data management system which offers you fast and easy access to your credit and debit card transaction data, similar to online banking.

This Insight tool is your one stop shop to help you manage your card transaction data so you can identify and rapidly respond to commercial trends and opportunities. You can view all information relating to your account in one place, giving you greater visibility over your card transactions, authorisations and chargebacks.

It has a simple set-up with no software to install which gives you many benefits: you can run queries and reports across multiple entities, plus it gives you fast and easy access to data 24/7.

Key Features of AIMBS Insight Reporting Tool:

  • View statements in the format that suits you.
  • Download documents in multiple formats including html, cvs, xml, xls, pdf, zip to import, manipulate and analyse data to support improved business decision-making.
  • Manage and archive statements electronically from the last six months removing the need for manual cross-referencing, physical storage and security provision.
  • Quickly search and view authorisations, transactions, Merchant Service Charge (MSC), balances, payments, settlements and chargebacks.
  • Track whole transactions detailing when and how a specific transaction was paid, including the identification of multiple transactions in single payments.
  • Search by specific date where required.
  • Export data into Excel or CSV.

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