Auction Houses

Fidelity Payment provides cost-effective processing solutions for auction houses, auction websites and many other ecommerce businesses. 

We link to many auction online platforms, including, enabling  quick and secure payments through your website. 

All of our gateways come with the 3D Secure Internet Authentication option to protect your business against online  fraud and reduce the likelihood of receiving fraud-related chargebacks. 

FideliPAY™ is our scalable and easily customisable payment processing solution. It is perfect for e-commerce merchants who require top-notch site performance and direct control over payment functionality on their computer or website. Your staff can process orders received offline (via phone, fax, email) using a virtual terminal anywhere that they have internet access.


  • No domain necessary - Secure PaymentSITE™ is hosted by Fidelity Payment, so no need for a separate domain, hosting or SSL certificate
  • Custom branding
  • Customised fields
  • No waiting 
  • Low cost
  • Integration 
  • Accept single or recurring payments
  • Accept all major credit cards

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