DCC & Taxback

Our DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) service is a user-friendly, point-of-purchase service allowing your international card users can choose to pay in their own currency, rather than the domestic currency of the point of purchase.

Your overseas customers will know how much their purchase costs in their home currency, eliminating any concerns over the latest exchange rates and they will receive a receipt breaking down the tax rebate to help them claim tax back.

As well as being a beneficial cardholder service, DCC enables you, as a merchant, to benefit from transactions made by international customers. As a Fidelity Payment client you will receive back 1% of all transactions as standard from your total international cardholder turnover.

We also offer multi-currency accounts, through our partnership with AIB. This gives you the ability to process in over 200 currencies with full transparency on competitive foreign exchange rates and margins at the point of purchase.

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